Packages are flexible, so if there's something different that you would like, Alexandra will be more than happy to accommodate you


Wedding Ceremony

30-50 minutes

Alexandra will arrive at least 1 hour prior to the ceremony taking place to set up in the Ceremony room or church.

She will play in the ceremony room or church as guests enter to take their seats and whilst they await the Brides arrival.


When the Bride is ready, Alexandra will play a special piece of music for the entrance of the Bride, finding a natural stopping place and gently fading the backing music when the Bride reaches her Groom.  The ceremony then takes place, with the reading of the vows and the exchange of the rings.  


When it comes to signing the register, Alexandra will play your chosen songs and whilst the photographer takes some photos.  Your guests will be invited to take some photo's at this point too, so Alexandra usually advises that you choose 3 or 4 songs for this part of the Ceremony.  


The registrar/vicar will bring the newlyweds to the front and announce them as Husband and Wife as Alexandra plays their final piece of music for the exit of the married couple.

Drinks Reception

1 hour 30 mins

Alexandra will set up her equipment in the bar/lounge area, or outside if the weather is wonderful and play whilst your guests enjoy drinks, canapes, photos and chatter with their family & friends until it is time for the Wedding Breakfast.  This part of the Wedding Day usually lasts around 1 hour 30 minutes.  If the room allows, Alexandra will walk around as she plays.  This creates a lovely feel and instantly becomes more interesting and interactive for your guests.

 Ceremony AND Drinks Reception

(Discounted package)

2 - 3 hours

This heavily discounted package includes both the Ceremony & Drinks Reception packages as described above.  Alexandra will arrive in plenty of time before the big day and set up 2 sets of equipment: one where the ceremony will take place; and the other where the Drinks Reception is to take place.  This means that after the Ceremony, Alexandra can simply unplug her violin and walk over to her other set of equipment and begin playing straight away.

Wedding Breakfast (Meal)

2 hours

To create a lovely ambience, Alexandra will play background music throughout the Wedding Breakfast, with a break for the speeches.  If the room allows it, Alexandra will walk around as she plays.  She will never play directly to a guest as this can make some people feel uncomfortable, she will just casually walk around whilst playing wonderful music.

Show Spot & 1st Dance

30 minutes

This package consists of a powerful and exciting theatre-style impact show spot, with a mix of classical-crossover, rock and contemporary popular music.  This set is performed as a 30-minute set.  This will be followed by your first dance to your chosen song.

Alexandra adds a personal touch when she performs for the first dance creating that wonderful ambience that makes it truly magical.