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Alexandra's 10 Beautiful Moments

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

"A good life is a collection of happy moments" - (Denis Waitley)

I met a lady, about five years ago who spoke about the appreciation for the little things in life and told me of a book that she keeps. Every night, she gets tucked up in bed and reflects on her day choosing 10 lovely things that she enjoyed.  I thought this was a wonderful idea, so I popped to the shop, bought myself a little book, and every night, I did exactly the same as this wonderful lady.  At first, I have to say, it was not easy.  I found myself racking my brain for significant things that happened, but gradually, I learnt to appreciate little things, like watching my cat sit and meow at the birds or having had a lay in.

If I have had a bad day or week, I sit and read through the little book, and it brings a smile to my face and sometimes even happy tears to my eyes.

I promise not to talk about stories of lovely cups of tea (which I find hugely comforting), but will hopefully make you smile or even laugh with a summary of my 10 most joyous or lovely moments each week.


The last time that I did this was September 2015 *head in hands*...flipping heck! That was a while ago haha. I've hit a turning point in my life, (which I will talk about in blogs to come) and this is something I'd like to start again. But in the meantime, I'm going to share with you a summary of my favourite beautiful moments from all of those years ago...


1. Nat (one of my violin students) totally smashed her school solo performance, I was so incredibly proud.  She was amazing.  hearing all of the children and their parents tell Nat how awesome she was felt incredibly heart warming.  The text from Nat's mum put the cherry on the top "Thanks for a fabulous concert, you are one hell of a teacher." Received beautiful flowers from Nat :)

2.  On my drive home from recording for Pulse 2 Radio in Bradford, I passed a wrought iron fence, painted on it was, "Time is precious, use it wisely"  Great to have a reminder like that, I love quotes, and that one made me smile.

3. I've now named my dad "THE DON" due to his ultimate legend-ness (now a real word in real life)

4. This video of the cat dancing to dubstep almost killed me - although the poor cat is not happy, it's such a funny video [embed][/embed]

5. I saved a bird.  Sat in the living room I heard cute little bird noises, and when I looked up, much to my dismay, Squidge, (my cat), had been stalking birds and thought it'd be lovely to bring one back.  I took it from her mouth and checked it over to make sure there was no damage.  It was perfect, cute and lovely :) I stroked it, and had a little chat with it before setting it free...yep, I know, I'm bonkers haha

6. 😂 Found this great video which really made me smile :) [embed][/embed]

7. Did my first ever hanging basket :D I felt so proud - I've never been one for gardening, but YouTube really is a godsend.  My Dad always goes on at me about watering the hanging baskets daily (because I tend not to) but I discovered via YouTube that you can get these crystals that you mix in the soil and they soak up water so you don't have to water them every day :D genius. Shhhh don't tell dad *giggle*

this next one is dads haha 

8.  A lady left a really nice comment on one of my Safari Night blog posts. "I love Alexandra.  She is a very talented and beautiful lady.  She has time for everyone that she meets.  If you get chance you really do need to hear this lady play."

What a lovely message, it really touched me.  I do have time for everyone that I meet.  To me, that part of a show is just as important as my performance.

9. I discovered a cheesecake in the freezer that my Mum made well over a year ago (thought I'd best bin it, in case it's not ok to eat, but felt guilty about doing so), any way, as I tipped it out, the base was chocolate chip cookies.  Sort of wished I had eaten it, food poisoning or not haha.  This is my mum. She was the most beautiful person inside and out that I could ever have had the pleasure of knowing.

10. Had a trip to Costco and when I got home I poured myself a glass of milk.  I thought "Wow, that's thick for milk".  It turned out I'd bought 2 big bottles of double cream *slaps forehead*

Finishing thought:

Before I sign off, I have something that I would like to say to you...

Make sure that you take time to do the things that you love, however big or little they may be, like having a bubbly bath, or turning your mobile phone off for a couple of hours just to be quietly on your own.  Of course we all have to go out there and work to earn money, but what is the point in earning money, if you can't enjoy it, even just a little bit of it?  Take a little time for yourself. Buy that pair of shoes you've been looking at for the past 4 weeks.  Go eat cake with your friend.  Buy that little thoughtful gift that you know will make somebody smile.

Lots of love xxxxxxx

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