While Alexandra only looks in her early-twenties, at the age of 31 she has developed a portfolio career, as a professional musician, teacher, model and social influencer.


From the age of 13 Alexandra has been privately coached and trained by professional working musicians, initially by the Principal Violinist of the London Symphony Orchestra before he moved to Thailand as a University Professor of Music, and more recently by the former winner of the ‘Young Violinist of the Year’ who is now an internationally acclaimed professional violinist and orchestral conductor.


While her time with the National Youth Chamber Orchestra was rewarding at a young age, Alexandra feels constrained and limited in an orchestral setting and much prefers the freedom of expression that is offered as a solo performer with electric violin.


Her first professional engagement was at the tender age of 14.  She quickly became renowned and, following a sparkling Showcase performance, she is still the youngest ever performer for Thompson Gold, undertaking a weeks engagement in Cyprus.  Even at a young age the size of audiences didn’t phase her, with a remarkable performance to over 10,000 people at Sheffield Wednesday Football Ground.


As her musical career and professional network develops she becomes ever more sought after as a ‘performer-with-personality’.