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Anything is possible...

Hi lovely

Thank you so much for your dropping by! I would love to chat with you about your big day, and I'm excited to hear about which venue you have chosen.

I’d love to set up a time for a phone date so we can go over which package might work best for you, and being a qualified wedding planner, I also have lots of great resources I can share with you.

How will your day look when you invite me to perform?

I will add sophistication, romance, sparkle and a dab of emotion to any part of your Wedding day, whether it be for the:​`

  • Wedding Ceremony

  • Drinks Reception

  • Wedding Breakfast

  • Evening Impact Showspot with First Dance by Alexandra

  • Evening Impact Showspot by Opulence Duo

All of the music is chosen by you, which can feel a little overwhelming but don't worry, that's exactly what I am here for. There's a massive list of songs for you to choose from, and the opportunity to request that special song that is not in the repertoire. I'd love to invite you into the warmth of my home studio for a cuppa where I'll set up my violin so we can play through any songs you'd like to hear and explore alternatives. If you're feeling completely lost, I'll ask you a series of questions and make suggestions to make your choices personal and meaningful. During the Drinks Reception, your guests can also request musical styles or particular songs from a range of genres, such as contemporary, popular, classical, rock, Latin or jazz.

With over 20 years of experience in the wedding industry, and as a qualified wedding planner, the consultation also offers you an opportunity to discuss any helpful tips for the big day e.g; supplier recommendations; ideas and inspiration and, I'm even on-hand to advise on any wedding emergencies that arise on the run-up to the big day

Colour-matching my outfit to coordinate with your colour scheme adds a surprisingly big difference to the impression made on the day. In addition to colour-matching clothing, if there's a particular outfit you've seen me wear, you can request that outfit to be worn for your big day.

Join my community of Couples by asking to be added to the couples' Whatsapp group (optional) where you can ask each other for advice, share ideas and more. I'll also post exclusive updates here.

Pop me a message if you'd like to chat with me on the phone

With Love



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